Businesses are responsible for helping society

This is the fourth in a series of 10 columns being published in celebration of the ANA's th anniversary. Write an essay discussing your views and substantiating your arguments with reference to examples in different contexts. Practices, a set of guidelines to achieve product quality, economic accountability, social responsibility and environmental leadership.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. True progress will only come when many more leaders play their part. Some large firms which have specialized employees and technology know-how, like the HACK Electric Company, have developed wind farm so as to lower carbon emissions.

The Shared Value concept, in contrast, encourages companies to think creatively to find new ways of doing business that not only generate financial returns for them but also enable them to be environmentally sustainable and to contribute to communities in which they source, produce, distribute, market, and sell.

As a matter of fact, they should have a responsibility to society and to remedy problems in anyway they can. They focus on bettering society as a whole, thus giving the company a good reputation.

Nevertheless, this tight focus does in fact contribute to the well-being of people and enhances the common good of the community, thus conforming in its own way to the requirements of the Christian tradition.

Many stakeholder groups — especially younger generations — are now pressuring organisations to consider the impact on society alongside profit margins. Many opponents of this view insist that business corporations have no responsibility to society beyond obeying the law as they go about their operations.

The company donates 10 percent of each sale to a cause you select at checkout. Scripture might speak of the duties of a merchant but never of the duties of a company. Over the last decade or two, as some version of the strong view has become the common opinion in business schools and executive suites, thinking about the nature of the business corporation and its relationship to the community has also changed.

Add to this the campaigner, volunteer and activist in you that picks-up and supports issues affecting society. These resources may be cash, or physical property, or even the time and energy of their employees. Direct reference to this approach has already been discussed in terms of British investments into Myanmar Burma.

Viewed this way, CSR becomes a cost of doing business.

Why is social responsibility important to a business?

Companies must search for new and better ways to create value, sustainably, for shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and communities throughout their value chain.

Nevertheless, business corporations are at liberty to make whatever donations they wish to address whatever needs they choose. With the growth of democracy around the globe during the past 50 years, more people want their voices to be heard.

We need to find ways to challenge and cajole the corporate world to move more systematically and consistently towards profitable and socially impactful business that does not rely solely on the drive and risk-taking of this intrapreneur class.

A company creates meaningful employment when it delivers on its mission, defined by how it creates value for customers. There are several strands to the answer. In sum, then, if we consult Scripture for guidance, we will learn of a personal obligation to care for those in need but we will find nothing about a corporate obligation.

But instead, they make profits at the expense of the cost paid by the society or the public. The first kind of problem is that the specific nature of corporate contributions sometimes becomes an obstacle to the successful conduct of business.

Later this year, the UK Government will announce its business and human rights strategy for British business, at home and abroad, centred on the concept of corporate human rights due diligence. Instead, in order to pursue the economic benefits offered by the corporate structure the community offers something in exchange.

As people in developed nations move up the Maslovian scale of needs, they no longer worry about basic needs such as food and shelter. Instead of giving out prizes to survey takers, SurveyMonkey donates 50 cents for every survey completed.

Responsible Business Tracker®​ - Helping businesses to measure how responsible they are

The corporation as a form of organization makes possible the gathering together of resources for long-term or complicated projects that other forms of business organization cannot stimulate.

Sustainable profits and longevity of organisations mandate that organisations operate a shared value model and enjoy symbiotic relationships. In many cases, a contribution approved by one fund will cause another fund to reject the investment. Under community we understand the village, the small town or the residential complex in the big city, where lives every one of us.

How can companies help society and make a profit?

After a few weeks the company reinstated its small grant to Planned Parenthood but then, of course, it was threatened with boycotts by pro-life customers.

I am privileged to meet and work with many business leaders who understand this, and have the genuine desire to do the right thing — several of whom are writing within the pages of this publication. Customers want to know that their money is going toward something good.

Many businesses will advertise charitable initiatives, such as annual fundraisers for a cause or a volunteer project their staff worked on. They are not grudging concessions made by the society to the greed of executives and investors. At the top end of the spectrum, 8 percent of U.

Yet an enlightened few is simply not enough. Founded inSand Cloud donates 10 percent of profits back to marine life preservation. They are not mercenaries. The Business in the Community Responsible Business Map identifies the key issues businesses need to address to achieve long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive.

The Responsible Business Map also explains the actions and outcomes which BITC expects businesses to aim for against each issue. Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large [citation needed].

Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a. The role of business in society is a legitimate aspect of business leadership. It is not in conflict with growth or profitability, but an integral part of successful management practice and.

Social responsibility is the idea that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. It involves developing businesses with a positive relationship to. Businesses are responsible for helping society in any way they can. To what extent do you agree with this comment?

To what extent do you agree with this comment? Write an essay discussing your views and substantiating your arguments with reference to examples in different contexts.

As we look ahead with cautious optimism to economic recovery, it is time to build responsible values into the upturn and for business to regain its position as a partner to society.

Businesses are responsible for helping society
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