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Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients 9 September Employment Welfare programs are now trying to put into place a new qualification where any possible recipients of welfare are required to take a drug test. In conclusion it was found that drug testing for welfare is a good idea however, it has a long road to travel before it becomes an effective law.

Taxpayers have the right to be informed that their hard earned money is being use for a good cause and not to fund illegal drug habits of welfare recipients.

It should be taken into consideration by all 50 states to enforce mandatory drug testing for welfare applicants. It is as simple as that.

As a social worker, he or she is to advocate for his or her clients and hypothetically speaking, his or her client tests positive for drug use, the social worker then becomes more involved.

They cannot say it violates the fourth Amendment because military men and women volunteer for that job. With so many questions to answer and many potential directions it could go, it is definitely another underlying problem that will need to be addressed if this progresses. In conclusion, no taxpayer would want to see their hard earned money given out to anyone on welfare to use on drugs.

He or she would have to then work with the client to receive proper rehab or help to get him or her back on track to receive benefits again.

Once an individual is deemed as an unfit parent due to drug related issues they should be disbanded or declared ineligible for any type of government aid.

The drug testing is also just a general precaution. There is many other minimum wage paying government jobs that states could fill with these welfare recipients.

The drug testing will just be used to eliminate any persons taking advantage of the welfare program for inappropriate use and to ensure that the welfare will go to the people who are actually in need of it. Things do not fall right into place and happen overnight. Just the mere discussion of drug testing recipients has managed to spring up quite a controversy throughout the country recently and has citizens and government officials alike questioning whether or not this is the right direction to go to save on tax dollars.

As for the cons, one of the biggest concerns recipients have is the bad stigma drug testing will give against welfare recipients. The new drug testing requirement could also lead to more serious personal issues as well.

If people are going to be lazy and accept money from a government agency, which the working class basically works for, the least they could do is be courteous enough to take the single drug test required. How deep should this topic go. This means likely applicants who use illegal drugs have chosen not to enter system.

While these are very true and very legitimate reasons in the direction for drug testing, there are still those lingering cons of the process as well. If an individual is not on drugs then it should not be a big deal, just take the test and move on.

No one is labeling anyone. The spending and saving of tax dollars affects almost everyone in society and the government and any effort to save that money is an important issue. At least 12 states include language requiring testing only if there is reasonable cause to believe the person is using illegal substances.

Drug testing welfare recipients

For those who are against it, only goes to show they most likely have something to hide or are being dishonest about something. For those applying for welfare, if you are not doing drugs then you have nothing to worry about. If anything, applying for welfare is much more lenient. Would he or she be banned for the program for a certain amount of time.

If an individual is not on drugs then it should not be a big deal, just take the test and move on. Several states include other assistance programs, such as medical assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP, also formerly known as food stampschild care, and other state-funded programs.

It is that simple. The drug test of choice is currently a urinalysis, but other test are available. Mandatory drug screening for welfare is becoming a large trend across the United States. In most cases, if the applicant or recipient tests positive they are ineligible for benefits for a specified period of time or until they complete a substance abuse treatment program.

Studies that include people who left welfare for any reason, including sanction, found that shortly after leaving welfare, half to two-thirds between 53 percent and 70 percent of welfare leavers were employed at a point in time.

Many of the testing bills proposed in other states went nowhere or were defeated once it became clear there was little likelihood of saving money.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

The belief that drug testing welfare recipients would reduce the amount of people on welfare and save tax dollars is a wise idea. If the goal of drug testing is to find drug users who utilize government funding then tests should not be limited to just welfare recipients, but to all who receive government subsidies.

4/4(3). this is a policy evaluation argument essay. i want to argue for drug testing welfare recipients. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Policy Randomly drug testing welfare recipients would help decrease the number of recipients taking advantage of the system since a policy like that t would insist on recipients to stay drug free and expose the.

On that note, drug testing for welfare recipients can be a very negative or very positive addition to the application process. For most, it is a positive. It can be used to weed out the minority of people who take advantage of the system, so the assistance can be given to those who really need it.

Although, only 3 states, as of now, have actually made it a law, “getting welfare and food stamps may become tougher as twenty three states around the country seek to adopt stricter laws that would require public aid recipients to take drug tests.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay Florida Department of Children and Families, the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that “suspicion less drug testing of welfare recipients is unconstitutional” and violates a citizens Fourth Amendment rights (Verneen, ).

Argumentative essay/paper sample on a given topic "should welfare recipients be drug tested topic" Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested (Essay Sample) February 16, by admin A high percentage of persons that benefit from the welfare are children.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Enacting the drug test is likely to affect the children of a drug abuser.

Drug testing for welfare recipients essay help
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