Strategic estimate for caucasus region

Military aid to Azerbaijan without any other assistance or intervention such as military strikes are enough to avert some of the dangers brought about by the conflict.

By the late September, the Ottoman attack ended. The final estimatesas mentioned, are out of date, but may include some items of interest, particularly relating to perceived Russian capabilities in November One wing of this offensive headed towards Lake Van to relieve the Armenian residents of Van.

The Ottomans assumed that the Russians would not bother to attack. Azerbaijani officials have argued that the Israeli arms purchase was directed against Armenia not Iran, and that they would never allow foreign governments to use their territory to launch strikes against Iran.

The war in Gallipoli was sucking all the resources and manpower. Infor the first time, post-Soviet Azerbaijan exported some 0. After fighting from 1—9 Augustthe Ottoman Army was overwhelmed and the entire region fell to the Russian Empire and Armenian volunteers, and thus an assault on Van was prevented.

This was a fundamentalist insurgent group whose goal is to overthrow the secular government in Baku. The Second Army advanced on August 2. Additionally, the conflict about the Caspian oil has deteriorated the relationship with its neighbors.

The military planners back in Istanbul were scared of the Russians advancing deeper into the mainland. The Republic of Azerbaijan is continuing efforts to sustain and increase its economic growth by protecting proven oil reserves from deep water Caspian Basin oilfields and securing its transport to western markets.

Strategic Estimate

The Russians achieved total surprise and destroyed an Ottoman division that was in winter quarters in the Battle of Koprukoy January 10— The country depends on oil imports, which have driven the economy down through accruing debts.

Despite state-enforced secularism, including a controversial ban on headscarves, religious sentiment in the country is growing, especially among the youth.

The document envisages a stage-by-stage resolution of the conflict, starting with the gradual liberation of parts of Azerbaijani territory bordering Nagorno-Karabakh that were occupied by Karabakh Armenian forces during the war.

Military Strategic Estimate

Republic of South Africa The fact that the region has oil reserves becomes a tricky situation for the US as its past with Iraq still poses a threat to its real intention in the region.

Therefore, the government went out of its way to support the sectors that it felt would be most vulnerable. Members of your planning group prepared a draft Strategic Estimate last night that was reviewed by the Chief of Staff.

This program can be used to create a negative publicity between SAPA and Ahurastan capable of watering down the relationship between the two factions. For example, Baku has in the past bowed to pressure from the United States to exclude Iran from proposed pipelines.

Most of the estimate is provided for you. The pro-Armenian separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh insist that the region be recognized either as an independent entity or as part of Armenia.

Strategic Studies Institute

First, the US has to make an evaluation of the status of the region before deciding on a particular route to take. History of Ahurastan Ahurastan has a short history in that it broke away from Iran recently after the actions of its leadership.

The two countries fought a brutal war in the early s over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Strategic Estimate Of the Caucasus Region Powerpoint

The country was initially agricultural, and now it is trying to better the sector by industrializing it. InAzerbaijan became the second-highest defense spender in the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS -- only Russia has a bigger defense budget among the former Soviet republics.

So far it has failed to recover the lands occupied by Armenian troops or resolve its tensions with Iran, but Baku continues to accrue economic and diplomatic influence that buffers these tensions. This also implies that their military might is improving.

The military balance seems even less favorable for Azerbaijan regarding its various disputes in the Caspian. However, they are mainly located in cities in the country, unlike the Kurds who are dispersed in many places including the rural areas.

Some indicators of this instability are: Additionally, you do not have to submit a w writing evaluation form for this assignment. Enver Pasha, after not achieving his ambitions or recognizing the dire situation on other fronts, decided that the region was of secondary importance.

This implies that their numbers are approximately three million people. At the same time, the media can be used to portray the US in good light so that the countries and the residents of these countries can embrace the interventions from the US.

Update the Strategic Estimate for the Caucasus Region based on notional scenario events that have occurred up to December Scenario. 1. The situation in the Caucasus Region has shown signs of increasing instability. Some indicators of this instability are. global burden of leishmaniasis according to the WHO recent estimate of leishmaniasis incidence.

Europe, central Asia, south Caucasus and Turkey, with the overwhelming majority (nearly 75%) found in Albania, Georgia, Italy and Spain.


Since the mids, the number of reported VL Strategic framework for leishmaniasis control in the WHO. “A Western Strategy for the South Caucasus” is a Silk Road Paper published by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program, Joint Center.

The Silk Road Papers the Caucasus is a region of key strategic importance warranting a level of atten-tion considerably beyond its size. Displaying ile strategic estimate PowerPoint Presentations Common Training Scenario Concept Brief Shift From Palomas To Caucasus Region PPT Presentation Summary: Common Training Scenario Concept Brief Shift from Palomas to Caucasus Region UNCLASSIFIED For Training Purpose Only in Cadet Command WARRIOR FORGE Georgia (Georgian: საქართველო, translit.: sakartvelo, IPA: [sɑkʰɑrtʰvɛlɔ]) is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.

Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by. STRATEGIC ESTIMATE OF THE CAUCASUS REGION • Non-US/Multinational Policy Goals, include NATO expansion in size and influence). Relations with Russia.

Create an independent Kurdish nation. • US Domestic Considerations are the oil pipeline through the Southern Caucasus Region and the Black Sea for trade access.

Strategic estimate for caucasus region
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